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Airport Checkpoints - Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa (Terminal 1)

Get through airport checkpoints faster and safer thanks to our next generation security systems.

  • You can bring liquids, gels, aerosols or creams in your hand baggage, without restrictions on containers and volume, as long as the weight and size of the cabin luggage indicated by your airline are not exceeded (the service is available only at Linate and Malpensa Terminal 1)
  • You can leave electronic devices in your luggage (the service is available only at Linate and Malpensa Terminal 1).
  • Place your hand baggage into a tray.
  • Place the following items in the tray, from the lightest to the heaviest one: scarfs, belts, wallets, metal objects, jackets, and bags.


The following items are prohibited: firearms, explosive and flammable, liquids and solids, sharp and blunt objects, personal defense items.

The following items are permitted: liquids, aerosols, gels, medicines and baby food.

Enjoy your flight!

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