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The first touchless travel experience in Milano Linate

Travelling safely: more technologies and materials are available to tackle the Covid risk

After the introduction of Face Boarding, in Milano Linate the journey becomes even more touchless thanks to the arrival of the new EDS-CB machines with TAC technology for hand luggage check that replaces the X-Ray ones.
From today, you will no longer have to open your baggage to extract liquids, creams, PCs and iPads at security checks.
Milano Linate is in fact the first airport in Italy to be equipped with this new technology and the first in Europe to carry out all hand luggage checks with TAC machines.
The new technology increases the effectiveness of security checks thanks to the automatic recognition of explosives and, thanks to high-resolution 3D images, the employees are able to quickly and accurately assess them while reducing the time needed to check. With greater effectiveness in terms of security, waiting times and gathering possibilities, as well as contact with surfaces, are reduced. More important than ever now that Covid-19 has made us aware of the potential invisible risks.


Also with an anti-Covid perspective, SEA is carrying out a pilot project in collaboration with KME to use saCup products, a line of copper anti-viral coatings known for their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
All surfaces that are most in contact with the passengers - handrails, luggage trolley handles and supports in the Cobus - will therefore be coated with copper.
The Institute of Virology of the University of Pisa has shown that in 60 minutes the viral load of the Sars Cov-2 virus is 100% neutralized and in just 10 minutes it is already reduced by 90%. Where it is not possible to make the airport touchless all the necessary solutions are used to counter the risk of contagion.
SEA has been investing in innovation at its airports for years now. An example of this is the Face Boarding inaugurated last February, the biometric technology based on the facial recognition system. At security checks and boarding, passengers simply show their faces to the machine, without having to show their travel documents. This service is currently being tested only for flights to and from Rome Fiumicino, but will subsequently be extended to new routes. An increasingly seamless travel experience to protect the safety and health of passengers.


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