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Baggage rules

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All hand baggage and hold baggage must carry a tag showing your name, surname, telephone, address and if possible flight number. For your safety, we recommend you carry valuable and strictly indispensable items (drugs, baby clothes, etc.) in your hand baggage. The size and weight of your hand baggage must comply with the rules of the airline you are flying with.

Standard luggage dimensions

The rules relating to hand luggage weight and dimensions may vary according to the airline company.
In general, the weight of hand luggage must be less than 5kg, and the sum of the sides must be less than 115 cm (for example 55x40x20 cm).

Place outsize luggage in the special areas indicated at the check-in.


Objects prohibited from hand luggagge

  • toy guns
  • catapults
  • cutlery
  • knives
  • razor blades
  • work tools
  • darts
  • scissors
  • syringes
  • sewing needles
  • sticks for sports use
Leave the objects that do not satisfy the controls in your hand luggage in custody. You can conveniently retrieve them on your return.


Objects prohibited from hold luggage

  • compressed gases (inflammables, non-inflammables, chilled, poisonous such as butane, oxygen, propane and oxygen for respirators)
  • corrosive products
  • explosives (for example fireworks, rockets, munitions, pistol bullets)
  • mercury thermometers
  • substances which in contact with water emit inflammable gases
  • infectious substances (for example bacteria and live viruses)
  • poisonous substances (insecticides, herbicides, arsenic and cyanide)
  • matches
  • lighters
  • alarm devices
  • magnetising material

Liquids in the aircraft

There are restrictions on food and drink. In the Security Checks section you may find more information on the transport of liquids in hand luggage.
For more detailed information contact the airline.

Per approfondimenti, contatta la tua compagnia aerea.

ENAC - free phone number 800 898 121.
The complete list of prohibited articles
 - EU regulations no. 185/2010, listed for consultation on the ENAC site, Tel: (+39) 02 7485.2952/731 -

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