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Short Stay Car Parking

Where to stop when accompanying a departing passenger or picking up an arriving one

Whether you’re being dropped off for a flight or picked up on your arrival, ViaMilano Parking has short stay car parking spaces.
Whether you’re being dropped off for a flight or picked up on your arrival, ViaMilano Parking has 189 short stay car parking spaces positioned in front of Arrivals at Linate Airport.


Drive along the road on the Arrivals level. On your left, you’ll find the entrance to the first short stay car parking area. A second area is located a little further down the road outside Arrivals.


Drive up the ramp to the Departures level. In front of the airport entrance, you will see 100 short stay car parking spaces where you can park your car for up to one hour. The duration of your stay is monitored by the parking meter.


For the parking spaces outside Arrivals, you can pay at the automatic meters inside the airport or at the manned booths. If you are using the automatic meters, you can pay with Telepass Pay, credit or debit card. As regards the spaces outside Departures, payment can only be made using the meter.


Parking costs in Arrivals are as follows:
  • Up to one hour € 3.00
  • € 2.50 for every extra half hour, up to the fifth hour
  • Full day’s parking € 36.00
(*Once you surpass five hours, the day rate will be applied)

N.B. Parking in the P2 Executive car park at Linate is free for the first 20 minutes, including when you access the car park using a Telepass. In order to take advantage of the free parking, exit the car park in the Telepass lane or simply insert your ticket into the machine without going to the payment meter.

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The online parking purchase must be made at least 2,5 hours before the actual entry

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