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What is it about?

FaceBoarding is an experimental project that allows travellers of Milano Linate to go through the security screening and boarding procedures using an innovative facial recognition system.

Safe, simple and fast. It will no longer be necessary to show your ID/passport and boarding pass at the checkpoints inside the airport as every touchpoint is unlocked just by showing your face.

However, passengers may choose whether or not to use the new system and travel in the traditional way.

Who is it for?

FaceBoarding will be in a test phase until August 31st, 2023, and for ITA Airways passengers on the Milan Linate – Rome Fiumicino route and for SAS passengers on the Milan Linate – Stockholm Arlanda route holding a passport or Italian electronic identity card issued after January 1st, 2016.

Participation is voluntary in the pilot phase. The service is available only to passengers older than 18 years.

How does it work?

After checking in online or at the airport and after dropping off your bag, to enrol to the system go to the FaceBoarding kiosks in the dedicated area near the check-in aisle 8.

You can complete the registration by following these steps:
  1. Read the Privacy Policy and give consent for the treatment of personal data.*
  2. Register the electronic document by placing it over the optical reader of the kiosk.
  3. Scan the boarding pass through the optical reader.
  4. Scan your face using the kiosk camera.
  5. Go to the dedicated lane of the FaceBoarding to pass the security checkpoint.
  6. Pass the boarding gates using the dedicated lane.

For each subsequent access, ITA Airways passengers on the Milan Linate - Rome Fiumicino route may register the new boarding passes using the FaceBoarding app, available on Google Play Store and App Store, or using the electronic kiosks again as a registered user.

In order for the procedure to be successful, registration must be made:
  • ITA Airways: from 48 hours and up to 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time;
  • SAS: from 30 hours and up to 20 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.
*It is possible to give consent for a single flight or for the entire duration of the pilot project (August 31, 2023). In this second case, you may skip step 1 for any future enrolment.

Personal Data

Passengers' privacy is a major concern for us. Those who take part in the FaceBoarding project give permission to process their passport data, boarding pass data, and face scan.

All the data will only be processed for the purpose of participation in this pilot project. In particular, face images will not be retained but will be used exclusively to create the biometric modelPersonal Data relating to the passport will be stored – in an encrypted form - for a period ranging from 24 hours up until 31st August 2023 depending on your consent. Only your boarding pass Personal Data will be deleted 24 hours after flight departure.

Any passenger can exercise his right to revoke or modify the consents given during the enrolment orally (by requesting checks to be made by the specially provided SEA operator). Alternatively, passengers may send a request to the Data Protection Officer at the following address or by ordinary mail addressed to the Data Protection Officer - 20090 Segrate (Milan), at Milan Linate Airport.

!4th June 2023 - Due to a 24 hours national air transport strike, flights might be delayed or cancelled. We invite passengers to contact the airline to check their flight status before going to the airport. Up to date information about guaranteed flights is available on Enac website - Italian only-