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Linate closure: FAQ

All the answers to the most common questions regarding the closure of Linate airport

Why is Milano Linate closing?

Linate is closing to enable re-laying of the take-off and landing runway, of the taxiway, and for modernising the Baggage Handling System (BHS) system. At the same time as passengers, safety improvements will be going on the works for expanding and restyling the airport will commence begin.

When will Milano Linate be closed?

Linate will be closed starting the evening of 27th July and will re-open at 06.00 am, 27th October 2019.

Why is this work carried out during the Summer season?

The re-laying work on the runway is by its nature suited only to the Summer period, as the work involves the use of asphalt for the covering of the runway itself. This type of work needs good weather and high temperature, in order to obtain best results. Given this forced interruption (every 15/20 years all airports are obliged by law to re-lay runways), it was decided to take this opportunity for other operations on the BHS and for expanding the airport, so as to optimise efforts in terms of operativity and keep the closure period and the inconvenience to the passengers to a minimum.

What will happen to the flights bound to and from Milano Linate?

During the period of closure, almost all the flights scheduled from and to Linate will be transferred to Malpensa, a few flights will be diverted to Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. Contact your airline to get more detailed information on the status of your flight.

Has Milano Linate been closed for the re-laying of the runway before?

Yes, the most recent renovations were in 1982 and 2002. In both cases inconvenience was kept to a minimum.

Why does Milano Malpensa never close down?

Differently from Linate, Malpensa Airport has two runways, thus it can operate (though more slowly) even during works for re-laying the tarmac. When one runway is out of use, the other one can, in any case, support a certain degree of traffic, enabling the airport to remain functional. Having only one runway, Linate is forced to interrupt its services for a while.

Will there be an increase of the connections between Milan and Milano Malpensa Airport?

Yes: better connections are being set up between the stations of Milano Cadorna, Milano Garibaldi, Milano Nord Bovisa and Milano Centrale operated by Trenord (visit the Trenord site to see prices and timetables). In addition to the trains, bus services will link Milan and Malpensa. The Municipality of Milan, in partnership with SEA, will provide a special taxi service to share point-to-point travel from and to Malpensa Airport with special offers on prices. Visit our special section on the Malpensa site for more details.

How to get the most out of Milano Malpensa?

Malpensa will be working normally, being an airport built to withstand a volume of traffic even bigger than the traffic that there will be while Linate will be closed. Bearing this in mind, we still advise all passengers to reach the airport well on time before boarding, so that they will enjoy their waiting time at the airport in a more serene state of mind and appreciating the shops in Terminal 1 at Malpensa.

What will Milano Linate look like when it re-opens on 27th October 2019?

The runway will be completely new and safer; this is our starting point. The airport works will, however, still be incomplete: they are scheduled to end in the first half of 2021. Therefore, on the re-opening of Linate, passengers will not be presented with a finished airport; but they will be able to observe the state of advancement of the works. Don’t worry, the airport will be 100% functional, and on conclusion of the works you will find that it has truly been worth waiting for.

When will the restyling works at Milano Linate be completed?

Completion of the third and final restyling stage at Linate is planned for the first half of 2021.

What will New Linate be like?

New Linate will be luminous, modern and welcoming, with a particular attention to the design and harmony of spaces, in a word: Milanese. The improvements under way have taken everything into consideration, from the facade to the internal spaces, from passenger safety to airport comfort. On completion of the works New Linate will be an airport conceived to place people at their ease, with a renewed commercial offer and a greater orientation towards the business clientele; offering all the services which an European-level city airport should provide.

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From 27th July to 27th October, Linate is taking a break for renovation. Meanwhile, we keep on flying at Malpensa.