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Legislative References

This section provides information on legislative references, airport regulations and ENAC ordinances of Milano Linate airport.

Airport Regulations

The Airport Regulations contain the information necessary to regulate the operations of all those involved in the overall airport process; it has the objective of being the tool for governing the airport process from the point of view of the level of service provided and operational safety of the airport.
It is prepared by the Airport Manager which incorporates the contribution of ENAV for the activities under its responsibility, as provided for by article 2, paragraph 3, of  Decree Law  no. 237 of 8 September 2004, converted with law no. 265 of 9 November 2004, and pursuant to art. 705 of the Navigation Code, and is an integral and substantial part of the "conditions for use of the airport", pursuant to art. 699 of the Navigation Code.

The Regulations are adopted by the competent Airport Division of ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, which makes it binding with a specific Ordinance to be observed by all parties operating at the airport for whatever reason.

Ground Safety Report

ENAC Ordinances

Via this link you can consult the ENAC Ordinances of Linate airport, i.e. the technical rules and administrative procedures for civil aviation safety.

New Health IT System

To make sure you have all the information required please find the links to documents for guidelines, registration instructions and NSIS self-certification and the notification for desinsectisation for airline companies. 


SEA intends to be a highly qualified airport operator capable of ensuring, in the performance of its institutional role as airport manager of Linate and Malpensa airports, quality levels which:
  • allow it to compete with major European airports and continue to operate successfully in an increasingly complex and demanding market
  • are appropriate to fully and continuously meet the requirements of the supervisory authority, ENAC, its customers, airlines, users and the community affected by airport activities
  • progressively implement all the conditions that make the travel experience of passengers with reduced mobility pleasant and comfortable

SEA, since 1995, has implemented a Quality Management System which has provided guidance on company decisions regarding the review of airport processes/services. This programme has allowed SEA to acquire the following Quality Certifications:
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Quality Management Systems - (Certificate No. 50 100 8107) issued by TÜV Italia
  • Service Certification. The process for assisting, within the airport, passengers with reduced mobility; based on Technical Regulations created in line with UNI CEI EN 45011- (TÜV Certificate IT 005 MS) issued by TÜV Italia
  • D-4001:2008. Site accessibility for people with mobility difficulties - (Certificate IA-0510-01) issued by Dasa-Rägister

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