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Milan Airports & Vocal Assistant

The whole airport within voice’s reach.

Since March 2019, Milan airports have been offering their users an innovative service thanks to Google's new Voice Assistant.
With a few simple words, passengers have access to a world of information without the need to use a keyboard. You will be able to receive notifications about the status of your flight in real-time or ask information about the different shops, bars, and restaurants, searching them by product type, shop name or product category.

For more complicated questions involving multiple answers, you can always request to display them on the screen of your device for an even more complete, simple and exhaustive user experience.
Use your voice to request a fast track or a VIP lounge, as well as an estimate of your parking expenses. By entering your date of entry and exit, you will receive a link on your device that you can click on to process the payment and complete the booking and purchase.

Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa are the first airports in the world to be able to boast an application exclusively dedicated to the new Voice Assistant technology developed by Google and available on thousands of different devices, from the car to the home, from home automation to smartphones.

You will find the direct link to your flight notifications optimized for Voice Assistant in your flight’s recap page, accessible from the "Flights" menu.

Click here to reach our app in the Google store.

Buy online and save

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Buy your parking


The online parking purchase must be made at least 2,5 hours before the actual entry

Fast Track

Special price only online!

Vip Lounge

Wait for take off in complete relaxation.

Baggage wrapping

Travel stress-free, take advantage of our Baggage wrapping service!

Malpensa Express

At the airport with the Malpensa Express train: fast, comfortable and without changes.

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Milan Airports has arrived, the official application of the Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports.Download for free!playappstore
!4th June 2023 - Due to a 24 hours national air transport strike, flights might be delayed or cancelled. We invite passengers to contact the airline to check their flight status before going to the airport. Up to date information about guaranteed flights is available on Enac website - Italian only-