Families and Children

Our Family Lane awaits passengers with kids at Linate and Malpensa, Terminal 1 and 2.

Family friendly Airport
offers a full range of free services for children and their parents in Milano Linate and Malpensa airports since 2012. During the holidays this year, thanks to the collaboration with Edizioni Piemme and with the coordination of Atlantyca Entertaiment, the beloved director of The Rodent’s Gazette, Geronimo Stilton, will be on hand to help families through the airport.

Implemented at the start of the school holidays, the Family Lane provides priority access to families traveling with children up to 12 years-old. After going through the security check point, young passengers receive a brochure full of information, from the indications for hand baggage and security checks to the presence of play areas and dedicated services for the family. In addition, the brochure includes many fabu-mouse games aimed at making the airport experience more fun.

The Family Lane is available to passengers with kids:

- at Linate: during Christmas holidays, from 23th to 31st December from 7 am to 9pm

- at Malpensa: all year
   Terminal 1 from 6 am till 10 pm
   Terminal 2 from 4 am till 9 pm

0 to 2 years

On board the infant, as a rule, does not have a place for itself but must travel on the lap of an adult.

From 2 to 12 years old

You are entitled to a place all to herself, at reduced rates, and with the same baggage allowance as an adult.

Unaccompanied minor

Unaccompanied minors (generally between 4 and 14, 12 for some companies) traveling alone must be reported at time of booking. It will be automatically turned on a specific procedure for assistance from airport staff until boarding, when it will pass under the tutelage of the airline. The parent / guardian must remain at the airport until after lift-off.
Similar assistance will be provided for the arrival; the minor will be accompanied to the reunion with the person named in the booking. It is essential to inquire about the age limit allowed for this service, since the provisions can vary from one airline to another. You should contact the airline with which you travel for more detailed information.


If pregnancy is always wise to inform the airline when booking your status and take the necessary documentation.

baby pit stop

Milan airports provide special areas where you can breast-feed your baby in total privacy without being disturbed.

The Baby Pit Stop can be found at the Sala Amica, which is clearly signposted with a distinctive logo. Inside there is an ergonomically designed chair ideal for breast-feeding, a table for baby things and a changing top. Coloured screens offer mum and baby complete privacy for as long as is necessary. The space is provided free-of-charge as part of UNICEF's campaign to support breast-feeding.

Small babies must be fed whenever they are hungry, wherever mum happens to be. And this means that there are occasions when it may be necessary to breast-feed in a public place. If you are leaving or returning from a holiday, you might find you have to breast-feed at the airport. An airport is a busy crowded place with lots of people rushing around or waiting for a flight. It's not an ideal environment for breast-feeding which requires peace and quiet. With the new feeding rooms, mums can devote all the time they need to their little one.



In all boarding areas, there are interactive games themed Geronimo Stilton, where your children can have fun, make new friends and live the time at the airport as play and  social experience.

The play area is located close to gate A17

Malpensa Terminal 1
The play areas are:
- Satellite A before the gates
- Satellite B central location close to gate B5
- North Satellite near gates B50-B59

Malpensa Terminal 2
The play area is located near gate D9