ViaMilano Program Rules


The ViaMilano Program loyalty program is offered by SEA, Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali, Milan Linate Airport, 20090 Segrate, Milan, also referred to as the sponsor. During 2010/2011 edition, the name of the program was changed from SEAMI to ViaMilano Program; while leaving the terms and conditions of the previous SEAMI program unchanged (this also applied to cards already issued, which therefore still remained valid).

The program compensates SEA clients for their loyalty, allowing card holders to accumulate points (called Reward Points) through the purchase of airport goods and services and to benefit from agreements that SEA sets up with partner companies during the entire duration of the program.

These rules govern how to join the ViaMilano reward program, which is valid only in Italy, and how to obtain the rewards.

SEA reserves the right to change, totally or partially, at any time the membership and program usage rules as indicated below, safeguarding the rights already acquired by members and not introducing changes that make participation by such members less favorable during the Program validity period.

You can get updates of rewards and benefits by referring to the web site Additional information on the program, or any clarification of these rules, can be accessed at the web site

Art. 1 - Program Duration

1.1 The ViaMilano Program is valid from October 1, 2016 until March 03,2018.

1.2 SEA reserves the right to extend the program duration when it expires.

Art. 2 - Conditions and Methods of Participation

2.1 Participation in the program is subject to complying with all the clauses and conditions indicated in the following rules, and is free and subject to compliance.

2.2 Any individual 18 years or older can register as a program member.

2.3 In order to participate in the program, it is necessary to get a special card available at participating vendors or at information desks identified with the special ViaMilano Program decal, located at the Linate and Malpensa airports. The card may be released in i digital support as detailed in the paraghraph 2.5. The card may also be valid for future promotions. The card makes it possible to collect electronic points for the initiative immediately. To be able to use points and request rewards, the card must be registered with the program and associated with the card holder's personal details. The card is personal and non-transferable. In order to complete membership, it is also necessary to provide an e-mail address at which to receive the user account for access to the membership area and a valid residential address.

2.4 Members registered with the previous edition of the program will participate directly and automatically in the 2017 – 2018, subject to their right to request membership cancellation. Members have a right to withdraw from the program at any time. Members are guaranteed the opportunity, before any actual cancellation, to request rewards they are entitled to from points accumulated up to that point. Any points left over from those consumed will be canceled and cannot be recovered.

2.5 Registration with the program may be done using the methods indicated below:

● Through the Internet at the address
● With the help of staff at information desks marked by the ViaMilano Program decal, located at Milan's Linate and Malpensa airports, both by completing a pre-registration made at the web site, and by directly completing all the transactions on site
● When using the Milan Airports APP, free content.
● When using other services paired with the program, through completion of a special registration form available at authorized locations.

2.6 Members join the program through the methods indicated above with the “ViaMilano Program” profile. However, Club SEA members (for information join with the exclusive “Club SEA ViaMilano Program” profile. When the association with the Club SEA expires and is not renewed, the program participation profile will automatically be transformed from “Club SEA ViaMilano Program” to “ViaMilano Program”.

2.7 All cards are personal, non-transferable, and usable only by the card holder. Each card holder guarantees the accuracy of all information provided, is responsible for the same, and therefore if there are changes is responsible for updating his or her profile through the Internet site

2.8 A Personal Code is assigned to each member, for cards issued starting from the third edition, indicated on the front of the card as well. The card must be shown during purchase for the crediting of the related points and if requested when collecting rewards.

2.9 An account in which accumulated points will be credited corresponds to the numeric personal identification code of each Member. The card holder will receive, for all registration methods under Art. 2.5, through the electronic mail address that he or she has provided, a temporary password that must ultimately be changed. Once this operation has been performed, it will be possible to access the dedicated online services. The temporary password provided will not be enough to complete activation of the card but must ultimately be changed. Using the ViaMilano Program account (login and password) it will be possible to be registered directly with the SEA Portal. Therefore, the Member only has to register with ViaMilano Program to access the SEA sites Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa 1 and 2 as a registered user. The card holder is solely responsible for keeping his or her password secret. It is possible to have your password resent through a function on the web site

2.10 When registering, the Member will be asked for consent to process personal data under the provisions in Arts. 23 and 130 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the “Protection of Personal Data Code”, as amended. In particular, the applicant will express his or her obligatory informed consent for the processing of his or her data in order to receive, through the mail, electronic mail, SMS and/or MMS, information related to the ViaMilano Program, as well as airport information, promotional and commercial communications related to SEA services and from SEA partners.

2.11 In addition, under Article 23 of the “Protection of Personal Data Code”, as amended, the applicant will be able to express his or her optional informed consent for the processing of his or her data, given with the act of registration with the ViaMilano Program and/or during the use of Services offered on the SEA Portal, in order to build a unique database which will bring together all personal data collected by SEA, even through the SEA Portal, on various occasions (for example, when participating in competitions or when registering with additional services provided by SEA on the SEA Portal), in order to recognize the applicant, compare and rationalize data given on the site with those revealed on other occasions, and to be able to send airport information and/or promotional communications selected based on all data provided.

2.12 SEA reserves the right to exclude the member from the program if the information provided by him or her is not true. Exclusion from the program will bring about the immediate cancellation of all accumulated and unused points as well as impossibility to ask for prizes. Ifthe card is used improperly, in particular for reward points accumulated in relation to purchases made by a person other than the card holder, SEA reserves the right to cancel the registration of the card holder and to void the earned points. Members that have been excluded or canceled from the program, with the methods described above, will not be able to access services from the SEA Portal, as well as the related newsletters.

2.13 In the even of the loss, theft or damage of the card, the card holder must promptly inform SEA through the SEA Milan Airports Information Center at +39 02 23 23 23, or by sending an e-mail to including a request to block the card, citing his or her personal code. SEA will suspend the card and provide instructions to the Member on how to obtain a new card. However, SEA will not be responsible for any fraudulent use of the lost or stolen card. The replacement of the card will not change the status of the member in terms of benefits and points acquired up to that point.

Art. 3 - Accessing at the Member Area

3.1 Members will be able to consult the Rewards Catalog in the personal area and to have a display of the rewards available depending on the earned points, in the Member Area accessible through their accounts.

3.2 The member will also be able to access to his Member Area of the for:
● consulting and modifying personal data,
● checking point balance (this balance may be updated with a delay after purchase). The point balance is to be considered final 60 days after the conducted transaction,
● requesting rewards and/or benefits,
● sending requests.

Art. 4 - Point Accumulation for Rewards Transactions

4.1 Program members have a right to:
● Earn points, as awarded under Par. 4.7 below through one of the following actions: Purchase of products and services at airport business participating in the initiative, a list of which is available in the “Earn Points” section Purchase of SEA airport services (ViaMilano Parking; through ViaMilano Lounge with payment at the VIP Room) at the Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports.
● Use of the Telepass services at ViaMilano Parking qualified parking lots, by entering the code for the member's Telepass device in member's user profile.
● Online purchase of SEA products and services (ViaMilano Parking parking lots, Fast Track, VIP Room) in the section that can be access from the Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa 1 and 2 sites. SEA may allow the earning of points through online purchase of other products and services, even from third parties, accessible from SEA sites by giving adequate information of this.
● Use of services or purchase of products from external partners. Without prejudice to the personal details rights of participants, SEA reserves the right to offer, for limited times and according to objective criteria, for specific categories of products, other benefits such as:
● the opportunity to earn additional points or bonus points;
● discounts on point ranges;
● the ability to use points, even with mixed conversion (points + economic value offset) to request special edition catalog reward items or services. Please note however that these benefits will be advertised, with a time limit, including with individual communications directed to the addressee on the website and via email.
● Accessing any discount or promotional conditions, with airport businesses and external partners. These conditions are not cumulative with others already active with the same business or partner. Any promotional rates will not allow earning of points, unless expressly indicated; in that case, a possible amount/maximum ceiling allowed will be highlighted.
● Occasions to gain additional prizes and benefits tailored on the specific behaviours activated by each member. In order to use these them, members will have to show their boarding pass when using one of the SEA products and/or services (for instance ViaMilano Parking, Fast Track, VIP Lounges), together with the exhibition of their ViaMilano Program card. Any of the prizes and benefits will not allow earning of points, unless expressly indicated; in that case, a possible amount/maximum ceiling allowed will be highlighted.

SEA may define additional initiatives during the program, including for purposes other than those stipulated in these rules, which will be communicated on the SEA communication’s channel.

4.2 Only purchases made by the card holder will give the right to earn points.

4.3 SEA reserves the right to verify, at any time, that the points earned and the related balance comply with the program rules. Additional checks may be conducted, when a reward is requested, by asking the member to produce the receipts proving the actual purchase. In order to prove the points earned, the member is therefore obligated to keep the receipts from purchases made at the businesses participating in the initiative for 60 days following the purchase.

4.4 SEA reserves the right to not credit points in the sustainable case of sufficient elements to suspect that one or more requests are an attempt at fraud or do not comply with these rules. Any anomalous and/or unjustified use of the card and the point crediting procedures indicated in these rules will give SEA the right to block, without warning, cards on which anomalous and/or unjustified loading have been found, and the granting of any rewards requested. The accumulated points that are determined to be the outcome of anomalous and/or unjustified loading, will be irrevocably cancelled and the related actions may be prosecuted under the law. Anomalous and/or unjustified loading include, but are not limited to, point credits that, by their consistency and frequency, despite falling within the maximums allowed for point loading, are clearly not ascribable to the ability of the entitled member to make the recorded purchases. These cards will be considered suspect, members will be excluded by the program and will lose the capability to ask for prizes.

4.5 The points earned by each member will be credited to a personal “points statement” which will make it possible to know at any time the accrued and used points situation (the points statement may be consulted in the member area).

4.6 The attribution of points will take place according to the following criteria:
● Club SEA ViaMilano Program profile: 12 points for each euro spent, 
● ViaMilanoProgram profile: 10 points for each euro spent.

4.7 A minimum threshold of 5 (five) euros is stipulated for all purchases made. Purchases less than this threshold will not give the right to earn points. However, for purchases above the threshold, the entire amount spent will contribute to the computation of the total points credited, except for case in which a different processing is stipulated.

4.8 In order to obtain the automatic crediting of points, the member must produce, at the time of purchase, the ViaMilano Program card to the individual business and present it to the shopkeeper for the recording and crediting of the points.

4.9 Collected points through the online purchase of SEA products and services (for examples: ViaMilano Parking, Fast Track, VIP Lounges) subsequently revoked by the member within 14 days from the purchase date, will be detracted by SEA form the member’s points balance.

4.10 For each car or van rental made through car rental agencies belonging to the program and present at the Milan Linate and Malpensa airports, and for each residency/overnight stay made with the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, a maximum number of 400 (four hundred) points is stipulated, regardless of the lenght or cost of the individual car rental or residency/overnight stay.

4.11 Car and van rentals at pre-negotiated rates (corporate rates) between the rental car company and client companies (corporate clients) do not provide a right to points. If the reservation is made online, through the portals of rental agencies belonging to third party companies, points are not earned. If the reservation is canceled, points are not earned.

4.12 Purchases made with payment through restaurant tickets/meal vouchers (of any kind), except for the use of a voucher expressly authorized and/or issued by SEA, do not give the right to earn points.

4.13 Receipts for products purchased must be kept until the final crediting of the points by SEA, which will take place automatically within 60 days from the purchase date. Two colors in the online account statement will allow the member to differentiate credited points from those earned but not yet spent.

4.14 Until their final crediting, earned points are subject to sampling checks by SEA, aimed at protecting against potential fraud.

4.15 Members that are involved in checks by SEA will be contacted by e-mail in order to provide copies of the receipts of some of the purchases they have made. The member's card will be put in a “suspended” state as long as the SEA staff has not concluded the analyses in question. If there is no response from the member (SEA undertakes to send up to a maximum of three communications) the cards that have been blocked for a period longer than 6 months will automatically be voided/canceled after this period and the points earned will be canceled at the same time. The “suspended” card status does not allow the member to earn points or to claim rewards. If the member should not produce the requested documentation by 90 days from suspension communication,members will be excluded to the program and will lose the possibility to ask for prizes. The suspended state also precludes the member from being able to participate in any reward contests. Following the check, if the card is free of irregularities, SEA will credit the accrued points in during its suspension period. In case a member is suspended more than once, SEA could exclude him or her by the program.

4.16 The purchase of products belonging to the following merchandise categories do not give the right to earn points:
● Tobacco,
● Drugs and over-the-counter medicines,
● Lottery tickets, betting, scratch-and-win tickets,
● Postal products,
● Pre-paid telephone cards and TV subscription cards,
● Newspapers and magazines.

4.17 Failure to present the card at payment will not allow the earning of points and will not give the right to subsequent crediting.

4.18 The member may not sell or exchange in any way the points or rewards owed to the member.

4.19 Transfers of points between multiple program cards are allowed.

4.20 The member may not in any way falsify or alter the data concerning his or her participation in the program, or issue statements or provide mendacious or misleading information in order to acquire advantages not due to the member.

4.21 Points may not be negotiated or converted into money.

4.22 Points earned by the member will be indicated on the special account report available in the member area. In any case, SEA retains the right to not recognized or to cancel, at any time, any erroneously credited points, by giving adequate information of this to the member.

4.23 In order to verify that the transaction has been recorded in the ViaMilano Program system, the member must make sure that he or she has received the program receipt from the shopkeeper, or alternatively that the member's ViaMilano Program card number is on the purchase receipt.

4.24 During the Program, SEA could introduce better conditions in favor of participants, according to particular marketing promotions (for examples bonus points, services and discounts vouchers in airport). Participants will be informed about promotions according to Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26 October 2001.

Art. 5 – Rewards

5.1 Based on its own estimates, SEA forecasts distributing rewards in relation to this program of an approximate and overall value of around €30,000 (Thirty thousand/00) excluding VAT. Under Art. 7 of Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26 October, a security bond was paid equal to 20% of the overall value of the rewards that are expected to be delivered.

5.2 The list of rewards can be consulted in the reserved area dedicated to the promotion in Milan Airport’s app.

5.3 The rewards may consist of:
● Vouchers for purchases at the Milan Linate and Malpensa airport sales points,f or airport services (ViaMilano Parking parking lots)
● Access to airport services (ViaMilano FastTrack, ViaMilano Lounge),
● Rewards of another nature as specified in the dedicated areas.

5.4 SEA may:
● make any supplements to the catalog with “extra” rewards for limited times, by providing prior communication to all members through all communication channels provided for;
● Vary the amount (€) of any of the catalog vouchers, by providing prior communication to all members through all communication channels provided for.

Art. 6 – Benefits

6.1 In addition to rewards transactions, participation in the ViaMilano Program loyalty program makes it possible to have access to a series of benefits of partners enrolled in the program.

6.2, Benefits can be used following enrollment into the program and upon reaching certain point levels. Members, regardless of points spent, will maintain access to benefits corresponding to their highest accrued point levels, for the entire duration of their participation in the program.

6.3 The updated list of benefits offered by partners participating in the program may vary over time and by the expiration of offers indicated by the partners.

6.4 SEA may introduce additional giveaways, services or benefits for participants in order to expand the range of possibilities offered. Participants will be acquainted with these potential opportunities through updates at web site and via email.

6.5 SEA denies any liability for benefits offered by partners participating in the program.

6.6 Benefits do not enable crediting and/or reduction of points earned with the program.

6.7 SEA may develop specific participation agreements with partner companies with ViaMilano Program rewards transactions, which can stipulated among other things the crediting of points.

Art. 7 - Methods for Requesting and Redeeming Rewards

7.1 Depending on the type of reward, under Art. 5, the member may request the reward according to the methods detailed in the rewards catalog presented in the dedicated area.

7.2 The redemption of requested rewards will take place using the following methods:
● As regards the prizes comprised under the Voucher category.
● If E-commerce Vouchers, the voucher code will be directly inserted onto the sent email. It will be directly used for the purchases on the e-commerce website. The voucher may be used for the purpose of a purchase of goods/services made at the same time as its issuance. Therefore, the member must make a purchase where the amount must be equal to or greater than the value of the voucher. Vouchers cannot be cumulated. If the amount is greater, the difference will be paid by the member, and the shopkeeper must credit the points related to the purchase, while leaving out those related to the issuance of the voucher (e.g. a purchase of €45 and issuance of a €15 voucher = a points credit equal to €30). The shopkeeper will then issue the certification of the reward having taken place;
● For rewards belonging to the “airport services” category, the member selects the service desired from among those available in his or her own member area. At that point, the member's card will be enabled for the use of the selected service with the conditions stipulated by the reward;
● The redemption of other types of rewards requested will take place according to the methods detailed on the site, which is continuously updated;
● For some types of rewards, any financial contribution paid by the member will be done at the same time as the reward request, subject to payment through an e-commerce platform on the SEA sites;
● Once the reward has been redeemed, it is not possible to make any kind of exchange, or be reimbursed, except in cases attributable to SEA.

7.3 It is not possible to use vouchers for categories of goods excluded from the earning of program points; these categories are listed in Section 4.16 of these rules.

7.4 Stolen, lost, destroyed or expired rewards may not be re-issued.

7.5 If the client is not able to use the reward, he or she will not have a right to payment of any some in cash.

7.6 Rewards are personal and may not be used by persons other than the member that has requested them.

7.7 The member may access rewards up to 30 days following the program's end date, or up until 31 April 2018. During the edition, on the basis of special initiatives SEA could reserve better conditions for specific member’s group, clustered on specific pattern. SEA will communicated to the member group using the communication channels.

7.8 If the reward requested by the member is no longer available, it will be replaced with a reward of equal or greater value of the same type. SEA may in some cases contact the member directly to communicate this possibility.

7.9 SEA offers to members who use ViaMilano Program prizes and benefits the chance to gain additional prizes and benefits tailored on the specific behaviours activated by each of them. In order to use them, members will have to show their boarding pass when using them.

7.10 SEA could activate specific activities for burning points that will be communicated previously using the dedicated communication channel .

Art. 8 - Rules of Conduct and Sanctions

8.1 Participation by the member in the program is subject to complying with all the conditions and with the rules of conduct indicated in these Rules.

8.2 Specifically, the member has been prohibited from any improper conduct that may be taken as an attitude that is unseemly, disrespectful or bothersome to employees of SEA, companies or entities that are program partners, or as a behavior unbecoming within locations dedicated to members, or from refusing to follow instructions given by employees of SEA or of one of the companies or entitites that are program partners.

8.3 SEA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude members from the program and, always subject to the rights that the member has acquired, cancel the points earned but still unused at the point where the exclusion is communicated and to void any rewards obtained previously but not yet used, if the member does not comply with all the conditions in these Rules and/or the member's conduct is not compliant with the same, or not in conformance with legal standards, with SEA's or a partner company's general contract terms and, more in general, with any other applicable standard or stipulation.

8.4 Participation in the promotion brings with it acceptance of the conditions of these rules.

8.5 Prizes will be assigned only after positive result of SEA confirmation, aimed to check that members respect program rules. All attempts at fraudulent use of the initiative materials represents crimes (theft and fraud) can be criminally prosecuted and therefore subject to court proceedings.

Art. 9 - Withdrawal from the Program

9.1 The card holder may freely withdraw from the program at any time. Withdrawal must be communicated to SEA by certified mail or there an e-mail to In both cases, in order to make it possible for SEA to determine the actual membership of the person requesting the cancellation of the program, it is necessary to provide that person's personal code, his or her date of birth and the e-mail address that are in the ViaMilano Program system.

When withdrawing from the program, if no rewards are requested at the same time, the points earned will be lost. The card holder that has decided to withdraw from the program will not be able to access services from the SEA Portal and to receive the related newsletters.

Art. 10 - Processing of Personal Data

10.1 All personal data provided when registering with the ViaMilano Program and/or during the uses of services, even through the SEA Portal, are handled by SEA in compliance with the current legislative and regulatory provisions regarding protection of personal data, and in particular, in conformity with Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 (“Personal Data Protection Code”).

10.2 Personal data processing operations are necessary in order to manage participation of the member in the program, to give to the member the rewards and other benefits connected with participation in the program and with ownership of the card, and to provide the relevant correlated services, according to the methods stipulated in these rules. The proper execution of said activities means that employees with operations and/or sales roles at SEA, and third party suppliers of services within the program itself (such as direct marketing and market survey companies, call center services companies, standardization companies, companies supplying information technology services, companies providing client management services), have access the member's personal data for purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the program and for purposes of commercial communication.

10.3 A list of third party service providers for the program that handle the personal data member, as “Managers” of the processing of that personal data, is available at SEA. SEA, as “Owner” of the processing, ensures that the personal data being processed are processed according to the principles of need, legality, propriety, quality of data and proportionality. In any case, this must take place, with methods fit to ensure the confidential character of the data and through electronic tools, as well as with the help of manual or paper tools and through their comparison, classification and calculation, and through ordering by lists. This will be done in any case in compliance with the minimum security measures fit to guarantee the confidentiality of the individual whose data is referenced and to avoid the risk of access to this data by non-authorized third parties. SEA makes it known that the member's personal data are also processed through the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for purposes connected to the issuance, use and management of the card and for the access to services that it offers. RFID technologies are activated through readers that are used only as strictly necessary in relationship to the purposes of the data processing. Through connected systems, RFID technologies make it possible to collect personal data without the member having to get involved.

10.4 Personal data are processed for the entire duration of the program and for its subsequent editions, and are kept following the expiration and/or withdrawal by the member exclusively for administrative purposes (and also not for purposes of profiling and direct marketing) for a period of no more than one quarter (notwithstanding any specific legal obligations on the preservation of accounting documentation and except for the preservation of member data for a period that will nonetheless not exceed one year, in order to allow the member to benefit from rewards in consideration of earned points). In any case, personal data are stored for the purposes of profiling or direct marketing for respective periods of no longer than twelve and twenty-four months from their recording, except for the actual transformation into an anonymous format, which does not allow, either indirectly or by connecting to other databases or through RFID technologies, to identified the persons in question.

10.5 Personal data, for which storage is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are being processed, are canceled, either through deactivation and/or destruction of the RFID technologies used or through conversion into an anonymous format either by SEA or by third parties to whom they may have been communicated for the purposes indicated above. The provision of the personal data requested in the program registration form and marked by an asterisk (*) is mandatory for complete participation by the member in the program and for initiatives connected to the program, as well as for compliance with legal obligations.

10.6 Any refusal to provide the requested personal data, in whole or in part, even during the execution of the program, may give rise solely to the inability by SEA and third party service providers within the scope of the program to completely operate the program or to properly carry out fulfillments resulting from it. However, the provision of personal data not marked by an asterisk (*) is optional, so that the lack of, partial or inexact provision of data does not have any consequence in relation to the membership and participation of the member in the program and does not impede enrolling in services from the SEA Portal or to use the same. Any circulation of data that is not ordered by the law or that is not expressly authorized by the member, is excluded.

10.7 Members have the right to obtain, at any time, confirmation of whether or not their personal data exists, of knowing the content and the origin, of verifying the accuracy or to request integration or updating, of correction, as well as the right to request, even through deactivation and/or destruction of the RFID technology used, the transformation into an anonymous format or blocking of data processed in violation of the provisions under the personal data protection code, and to oppose, in any case, for legitimate reasons, their processing, communication, in written format, to SEA at the following address:

The designated manager for the processing of personal data is the Non-Aviation Sales Director. The manager for the exercising of the right to access, under Art. 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 is the Manager form the Department of Legal and Corporate Affairs.

Art. 11 - References and Conflict of Standards

11.1 For anything not expressly provided for and governed in these rules, refer to the relevant laws and regulations, with particular reference to Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26 October 2001 (published in Official Gazette No. 289 of 13 December 2001) regarding “Regulation concerning the organic revision of the governing of contests and rewards transactions, as well as local games of luck, under Art. 19, Par. 4 of Law No. 449 of 27 December 1997”.

11.2 In the event of any conflict between the provisions of these rules and those of the referenced laws, the laws must prevail over the former.

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