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€5 a day.

**example of a rate for 7 days’ parking at P1 of Malpensa T1, between 05/06/2017 to 04/09/2017, to be purchased exclusively online at least 10 days before entry to the parking area and no later than 25/08/2017.


Offer valid on P1 e P2 (Executive and Holiday) at Linate; P1, P2 (Executive, Genius and Top Car), P3 and P4 at Malpensa Terminal 1; P5 at Malpensa Terminal 2 and P2 (B sector and uncovered) and P3 uncovered at Orio al Serio. Valid for stays from 05/06/2017 to 04/09/2017. Applicable for online purchases only, to be fulfilled at least 10 days before entering the parking lot and no later than 25/08/2017. After 7 days the daily rate of the Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio parking lots is equal to 5€ each 24 hours for the above mentioned lots, except for Linate P1 Top Class and Malpensa Terminal 1 P2 Executive which rate is of 10€ per day and for Malpensa Terminal 1 P2 Top Car which rate is of 20€ per day. Valid on standard rates, it can not be combined with other offers, promotions or conventions in progress .

Examples for a 7 days stay:


• P1 Top Class covered € 89
• P2 Executive covered € 69
• P2 Holiday uncovered € 59

Malpensa T1

• P1 Long Term uncovered € 35*
• P2 Executive covered € 79
• P2 Genius covered € 75
• P2 Top Car covered € 129
• P3 Express uncovered € 55
• P4 Holiday uncovered € 48

Malpensa T2

• P5 Easy scoperto € 45

Orio al Serio

• P2 Settore B covered € 55
• P2 Terminal uncovered € 45
• P3 Smart uncovered € 26

For more details:


Offer valid on P2 Executive Linate and P5 Malpensa Termina. Applicable to stops of least 2 days to be made between Friday and Monday (from 00.00 Friday to 23.59 Monday). Valid on standard rates, it can not be combined with other offers, promotions or conventions in progress. For more details

Example for 4 days stop:

  • P2 Executive uncovered € 38

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P2 RIDER: Park your moto close to check-in

P2 Rider is the new moto parking located at departure level.
The parking is in a covered area reserved to motorcycles: 1,5 € per a 4 hours stay, 6 € 24 hours.
Tickets can be purchased at automatic desks located into the parking.

(For more than 4 hours stops the daily rate of 6€ will be applied)


If you need to meet at the airport or to drop someone off, P2 Executive parking is free of charge for the first 20 minutes, including access by Telepass lane.


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