Enjoy is eni's new car-sharing service. It's a revolution in personal mobility because it takes you exactly where you want to go. Cheaply, easily and with no hassle.

There's a game-changer on the streets of Milan. Get on board now!


There are 14 parking spaces reserved for enjoy users to start or end their rental in: so getting to and from the airport will easier from now on. The enjoy spaces are on the first floor of the car park for rental cars (500 or 500L Fiat). It's signposted and it's open 24 hours a day. (you cannot rent a Piaggio MP3 scooter).


Register on the website or App and run a search on the enjoy map. It'll show you all the free scooters/vehicles nearest to you, or anywhere else you want to look, and it'll let you book the one that's best for you! Or if you find a free one on the street, just get on and go! There's an indicator light on every scooter in the enjoy fleet. This shows its status: - Available (LED off) - In use (LED on) - Booked (flashing slowly) - Out of service (rapid flashing) To use an enjoy scooter, you have to key in the PIN you were given when you registered.

Once you've reached the scooter/car you booked, open the enjoy App , and press "Open vehicle", or send an SMS containing the ID code visible on the windshield. Alternatively contact the enjoy Customer Service.
Enter your PIN number in the on-board computer and take the ignition key. Start the scooter/car set the "Run" button to the On position and off you go. Remember: you can ride in Area C, but you can't ride in ZTLs with regulated access (these should be marked "ZTL con accesso regolamentato"), or in bus, tram and taxi lanes.

If you want to park the scooter and leave it for a while, you can . Park up, turn off the engine and engage the steering lock, handbrake and suspension lock. The rental will continue, even if the vehicle is stopped, and you can hit the road again whenever you want. What's more, you can park in the free enjoy dedicated parks and on white parking spaces! If you've finished with your scooter, just leave it in any authorised parking space within the service coverage area. You cannot end the rental at Milano Linate Airport.

Before getting off the scooter, always engage the suspension lock, set the "Run" button to the Off position and engage the handbrake. Put the scooter on its stand and engage the steering lock. Put the helmet in the storage compartment and the key in the key-cubby under the saddle, then press "End rental" on the on-board computer. Always make sure the indicator light in the windscreen goes off. This confirms that your rental has finished. You can't park in private parking spaces either, except the enjoy ones of course.
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